The BiO2 Solution Biological Control Center

The BiO2 Solution™ is one of the most revolutionary developments in wastewater treatment. The engineered process is a natural replacement to the mechanical components of aerobic lagoons, namely mechanical aerators.

The BiO2 Solution™ begins with a patented assemblage of multi-species microalgae that is metered into the appropriate cells of a wastewater lagoon. These microalgae provide abundant pure oxygen that will initiate, perpetuate, and maintain a healthy level of rapid aerobic digestion. The microalgae are evenly dispersed on a continuous basis through distribution lines connected to strategically-spaced fine-bubble diffusers. The diffusers create a highly-effective, gentle rolling action, resulting in proper laminar mixing throughout the lagoon. This patented delivery apparatus maintains a healthy, controlled environment for the biological demands of a lagoon system.

Fine Bubble Diffusers for Mixing Microalgae

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