BiO2 Solutions™ Participation in the DNR Innovative Technology Process    


The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) provides an approval process for new or innovative wastewater technologies as allowed in section 644.051.12 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri.  According to DNR policy, the agency may approve the technology if the operational reliability and effectiveness of the process has been demonstrated in accordance with 10 CSR 20-8.020(11)(B)2 and 10 CSR 20-8.140(5)(B).  The approval process is identified in DNR’s “Approval Process for Innovative Technology,” publication (PUB2453).

The BiO2 Solutions™ (BiO2) technology is considered a new technology in Missouri although there are municipal wastewater lagoon systems in Colorado and Oklahoma that are utilizing this technology.  BiO2 is working together with DNR through this new technology approval process.  The BiO2 facility in Oklahoma is one of the full scale demonstration projects in this process.  BiO2 has provided DNR with over a year of data from the facility in Oklahoma which has demonstrated that the technology can meet and exceed existing and future DNR permit limits. 

BiO2 will continue to work with DNR through the innovative technology process.  However, this does not preclude public, private, or industrial facilities in Missouri from utilizing the BiO2 technology.  In fact, BiO2 is currently in the process of upgrading a municipal lagoon in central Missouri and working with several other communities.




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