Industrial Water Treatment with Electrocoagulation

Plating wastewater is an excellent match for treatment with an electrocoagulation system. For example, a plating wastewater stream was treated with the EC treatment process. The water treated very well in the EC reactor and generated a good floc that settled well following treatment. A polymer was used to assist in floc formation in the sample. The metals concentrations in the treated water meet the discharge standards for the client. The metal concentrations in the raw and treated water are listed below.

SampleZinc, ppmCopper, ppmChromium, ppmIron, ppmNickel, ppm
Raw Water 1.614 69.7 88.7 2.09 43.7
Treated Water  <0.005  0.04  <0.005 <0.005 0.034 

Mining and Manufacturing Wastewater Treatment

Processing Plant

The BiO2 Solution will provide a patented, engineered process that is a nature based and environmentally compatible replacement for mechanical aeration components utilized on aerated lagoons. This technology will provide an affordable and performance driven alternative solution to the high capital, operating and maintenance costs associated with mechanical systems.

Case Study - Swine and Beef Industrial Processing Facility

An Oregon meat processing facility, in close proximity to residential neighborhoods, was having trouble with effluent quality and odor issues. The existing flocculation process, installed in 1997 for $ 0.7M, had little impact on resolving issues that had historically plagued the wastewater operation.

Meat processing facility

Project Goals: 
The Approach Taken: 

The owner of the production facility installed The BiO2 Solution™ system in the summer of 2001, to solve the lagoon related operational problems.


The system was successful in treating waste produced by the industrial facility and solving odor issues identified by the community. A summary of the testing completed at the facility is provided in the following table.

Summary of Testing
 BOD mg/lTSS mg/lD.O. mg/lTest DateTest No. 
Pre BiO2 286 3120 <0.10 05-09-01 KES 11187  
Post BiO2 82 1950 2.68 09-04-02 KES 22046  
% Reduction 71 38        

Case Study - Truck Washout Facility

A truck wash in Colorado provides facilities to clean livestock trailers. Approximately 3,000 gallons of water is used in the washing of each trailer to flush swine, cattle and sheep waste from the truck into a wastewater lagoon facility. Increasing odor and sludge levels created issues that jeopardized the continued operation at the existing location. The City agreed to accept the waste from the truck washout pending the development of wastewater pretreatment facilities that could meet specific discharge criteria acceptable to the City.

BOD: 1635 mg/L
286 lbs
220 mg/L
38 lbs
TSS: 2680 mg/L
470 lbs.
280 mg/L
49 lbs.
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